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  • Founding (and potentially handsomest) member of guy group One Direction Zayn Malik announced his departure from the band this week, sparking a frenzy of conspiracy theories, requests for compassionate leave, and of course, tears.… Continue

  • Two months after the DIY release of his stellar collab single “Shiraz” alongside fellow UK artist, R.O.M, (and a Skrillex approved NHQ Artist Spotlight feature) Whispa returns with some new fire by the name of “L Λ C E”.… Continue

  • Following a recent compilation debut from Maryland-based producer, Flybear, the French Point Point crew (Aazar, Devoted to God, L’homme aux 4 lettres, and Nömak) continue to roll out selections from their upcoming third Filet Mignon installment with another choice single from Netherlands’ San Holo.… Continue

  • Pale Blue is a new project from New York resident Mike Simonetti which follows his split from Italians Do It Better (Chromatics, Glass Candy) into fresh solo act territory.… Continue