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  • About a year ago, Manhattan based producer Diveo released “Don’tly” and “Going”, two singles which would mark his transition from years of heavier electro into the more vocal driven jazz pop you may be familiar with him for now. His … Read More

  • In the age of pre-mixed sets and “button-pushing” DJs, Detroit native Freddy Todd acts as a beat slinging crusader, armed with a Korg Keytar and Moog analog synth out to save the scene from uninspired live acts. A veteran of … Read More

  • I knew Mark Redito loved emo music, his recent remix of Saosin’s “Seven Years” was proof of that, but I didn’t know how much the high school era of rock informed his original productions until we had a chat. Like … Read More

  • Vincent is the recently rebranded moniker of the Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based producer formerly known as XVII. The classically trained pianist from Winnipeg has gathered up substantial support in the past year thanks to a quality-over-quantity methodology along with a willingness … Read More