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Picture yourself in the middle of a dark club at 4:00 am, dancing into the daylight as your senses are anesthetized by echoing synths and robotic syncopations. The sounds you’re imagining in this familiar mental scenario are most likely akin to those of the Classicworks co-label head and BNR confidant, Cardopusher. Just in the past few months, the accomplished Barcelona-based producer released his Mindwarp EP on vinyl, wrapped up his third collaborative Split EP with Nehuen, and gifted us with his Miami Noize contribution titled “Timestamp” in addition to his label-running responsibilities. To top it all off, he’s kicking off the fall season with the release of his debut album, Manipulator, out today on Boysnoize Records.

Claustrophobic rhythms, hexing synthesized sounds, and vintage acidic grooves intertwine and persist throughout this 11 track LP. Together, these irresistible elements form the crux of the album, each respectively elaborating on the overarching and undeniably intensive themes. Ranging from 111 to 126 bpm, Manipulator paints a vast and colorful musical panorama. Slower acid jams like “Exceptions”, “Move To The Acid H”, and “505 Authority” induce a interplanetary hypnotic state, while “Skyway” and “Photinia” supply the more reserved, atmospheric grooves.

“Cult 91” and “Xerox” land slightly above the median of this hypothetical intensity scale. Increasingly neurotic embellishments give our aforementioned musical panorama intricate details as we progress through the album’s many unpredictabilities. Cardopusher unlocks full-fledged mental intoxication on “Jumpforce”, “Manipulator”, and “Parallax” as he increases the energy with oppressive melodies and disorienting drum beats.

The track premiering today, “Morning Traffic Dance”, is a high-pitched and mechanical number with hysteric synth arpeggiations reminiscent of classic breakbeat electro. This one has a very peculiar ebb & flow; take notice of the fluctuating and constricted rhythms as they bounce between the abstract percussion. It has a glossy, metallic texture to it which proves rather mesmerizing – I can best describe it as a head-first plunge into an acid-laced slip-n-slide. In all, an irrefutably unique and deviant club weapon.

Manipulator is a well-balanced, refreshing, and unpredictable journey into the acid future. Listen to the premiere of Cardopusher’s “Morning Traffic Dance” below and be sure to get the full album, out now on vinyl and digital.

Stream the album via Spotify now, and find more of Cardopusher on SoundcloudTwitter, and Facebook.

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