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Monstercat, the Vancouver-based record label home to well established and feverishly rising electronic artists such as Vicetone, Krewella, Project 46, and Haywyre, has recently unveiled—unintentionally via the hacking of their Twitch account—the newest addition to their talent roster, Karma Fields. His (or her?) new track “Built The Cities” provokes the creative ingenuity that seems to rise and fall within electronic music culture, taking a novel approach to curating a sound that stands out within the pool of new age music feats.

“Built The Cities” features the vocals of Kerli, an Estonian vocalist who captains a cyber community of moon children known as The MoonChild Academy, and the track’s instrumental is the ideal extraterrestrial soundscape for her air castle persona. Karma Fields also collaborated with artist Raven Kwok for the track’s music video, pairing the auditory experience with a visual counterpoint that uses 3D mapping projections. This type of immersive content is being incorporated more and more by musicians into their art, as we’ve seen with acts like Amon Tobin and OK Go, creating a platform for listeners that helps shorten the metaphysical gap between our senses and the leading-edge technologies that now “wow” us through evolving visual mediums.

We don’t know much about Karma Fields just yet, but we’re excited to see where this project is going. Follow up with Monstercat to stay in the loop with all things Karma Fields and watch the exclusive music video for “Built The Cities” above.