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LA-via-San Antonio artist, Brittney Scott, aka @B666S (B6 for short), became a cultural icon by literally making a culture out of icons. That wave of ms paint avis which all your favorite DJs repped over the last few years is hers.

She, along with her crew of self-made internet celebs, Yung Klout Gang (boytweetsworld, lina, franko, mphd, celebates, the holy mountain, and chippy) make up an ongoing and unfiltered stream of consciousness snapshot of the current American club scene.

YKG picked up where Carles left off. As influencers of lingo (“wait,” “literal,” “same,” “basic,” “thot,” etc. can all be traced back to them) and representatives of the current alt culture, they’ve created their own URL world that’s ignorant yet self aware, self promoting yet self deprecating, ironic yet earnest and depressed yet hopeful.

Art reflects the culture of its time, and YKG’s B6 is EDM’s Andy Warhol.

Check our chat with the rising visual artist below, following the debut of her virtual art gallery, along with a playlist of her favorite turn up jams:

Nest HQ: suppp
Brittney: hallo
Nest HQ: how are u doing today
Brittney: not the best but w/e
Brittney: lol
Nest HQ: :/
Brittney: eh, the usual
Brittney: sup tho
Nest HQ: yeah so this exhibit is amazing
Brittney: thank you!!
Nest HQ: been digging your stuff since ykg
Brittney: ^__^
Brittney: thank u
Brittney: that makes me so happy
Nest HQ: also did ykg break up? i know you guys still hang
Brittney: mm, we all live in diff places and wanna do diff things. i guess ultimately the main thing we had in common was partying. i had hopes of ykg being something of an “artist collective” but idk, we all all over the place
Brittney: ya we do still hang, we do support each other and hopefully can come together to build things eventually
Nest HQ: i think you’re all talented in your own ways. and your guys relentless self promotion is amazing
Nest HQ: kinda like a reflection of kids just trynna survive in weird times
Brittney: lol ya totally
Brittney: the self promo i feel is organic
Brittney: ppl have just latched on lol
Brittney: which im down for
Brittney: i like that we are a voice for something
Nest HQ: as far as the lingo and stuff, how do you feel about seeing it in other circles? stuff like “same” on snapbacks, “literal” everywhere etc.
Brittney: we were involved in some of that happening
Brittney: outside stuff, its flattering but also lame cos like we all wanted that to be produced by us
Brittney: i’ve been so frustrated by it cos i rly tried to push for things like that and like to build us as a brand
Nest HQ: yeah
Nest HQ: its a strong one
Brittney: its crazy
Nest HQ: from scratch
Brittney: we all meet people who have adopted the brand and don’t even know it was built by us
Brittney: its funny
Nest HQ: the fact that you’ve built an online merch thing that ppl are interested in just on your own is sick
Brittney: thank u
Brittney: kinda unreal 2 me
Nest HQ: hows it been adjusting to randos over the years, both url and irl
Brittney: its weird. everything is weird. cos like, i don’t think of myself as a “thing.” i know that humans like to idolize things but like, W H Y
Brittney: idek where 2 go w this
Nest HQ: hahaha
Nest HQ: what do u order at starbuck
Brittney: lol
Brittney: omg
Brittney: my favvv
Brittney: hmm
Brittney: depends on mood
Brittney: vent ice americano if i need 2 get stuff done, most of the time, soy latte 4 comfort
Nest HQ: ok top 3 current fav edms
Brittney: oh man
Brittney: skrillex calvin harris zedd
Brittney: every1 gonna kill me 4 that
Nest HQ: xD
Nest HQ: songs!
Brittney: dang
Brittney: um
Brittney: attracting flies baauer remix
Brittney: thinking bout you calvin harris
Brittney: most current:
Brittney: all of me test birthday remix
Brittney: tiesto
Brittney: fuck
Brittney: no i have alot
Nest HQ: solid
Brittney: cinema benny benassi
Brittney: zedd clarity
Brittney: branchez-stay
Nest HQ: maybe we do a playlist
Brittney: lol
Brittney: it’ll be 10hrs
Nest HQ: lollll
Brittney: i love EDMMMMMMMM
Nest HQ: best part is ur the only one within edm to embrace it as “edm”
Brittney: its true
Nest HQ: like i loved in those thump interviews when you’d ask everyone if they make edm
Nest HQ: and they’re all like ehhh
Brittney: they HAAAAAAATED it
Nest HQ: hahahaa
Nest HQ: btw how was that?
Brittney: it was rly stressful at the time, but i miss it!
Brittney: there was no structure n my humor didn’t sit with many ppl so it flopped
Brittney: but like, filming n all that was stressful
Brittney: we’d lose artists or some ppl were awk
Nest HQ: ahah
Brittney: also i was rly rly drunk in all of them
Brittney: and i knew most of the ppls
Brittney: idk half n half
Brittney: stress but fun
Nest HQ: where do u find the energy 2 turn up at every show
Brittney: i LOVE music
Nest HQ: u and skrill have the most energy in the world like comes from nowhere
Brittney: i literally can’t help it
Brittney: i just start moving when i hear music
Brittney: any music
Brittney: and skrillex is my fav so thats easy
Brittney: its been a little bit of a downfall for me
Brittney: everyone so annoyed by it
Brittney: i wanna dance and climb and scream
Nest HQ: ahh fuck em tbh
Brittney: trye

Nest HQ: ppl are uptight
Brittney: every1
Brittney: lol
Nest HQ: ya
Brittney: wait do u see my avi on here [Skrillex + Ryan Hemsworth]
Nest HQ: yes lol
Brittney: lol
Nest HQ: didn’t know they met actually
Brittney: me neither
Brittney: that’s a great collab 2 me
Nest HQ: wait whats ur fav piece in the new gallery
Nest HQ: also its nuts that i use “wait” when texting ppl now, just a reflex so cheers to u guys for that
Brittney: mm, i like corndog best
Brittney: hahahahha gotcha
Brittney: this gallery was supposed to coincide w an irl gallery
Brittney: so that every1 could be a part of it
Nest HQ: yeahh
Brittney: but like planning for an irl show has been such a struggle i just decided to release a url show
Brittney: makes sense w my brand i guess
Nest HQ: yeah but how sick would irl be
Nest HQ: like lvl up

Brittney: i have all the art done
Brittney: i’ve been trying to do something for a year
Nest HQ: sick!
Brittney: i’ve planned with so many people and places and things get going then someone flops me and i have to restart
Brittney: i’ve been through the process prob like 8 times
Nest HQ: so the irl pieces are prints? paintings?
Brittney: they printed on canvas and stretched
Nest HQ: what is stretched pls
Brittney: like they look like real art pieces
Nest HQ: ahh
Brittney: well like art is done on canvas then stretched over the frame
Brittney: u kno
Nest HQ: right
Brittney: but these pieces are printed from an insane printer instead of like real paint on screen print cos internet
Nest HQ: right
Brittney: digital art is weird
Brittney: rare to crossover
Nest HQ: do u have ppl you follow/look up to in that world?
Brittney: idk
Brittney: i like the little art scene i follow on twitter
Brittney: but i don’t have rly any knowledge about art
Brittney: i cant name anyone or anything
Brittney: i know a little about whats good in LA street art
Nest HQ: ur from texas originally or did i make that up?
Brittney: ya im from texas lol
Brittney: san antonio

Nest HQ: what are some things that define ur “brand”
Brittney: i guess number 1 thing is sadness lol
Brittney: but i would like it to be understood as like just being open emotionally
Brittney: cos i want every1 2 be happy and i want 2 be happy myself
Brittney: mm other points 2 my brand idk
Brittney: art-wise
Brittney: idk, minimal?
Brittney: comedy
Brittney: i like everything that is ignorant
Nest HQ: hahaha
Brittney: i like things to be simple
Brittney: i like concepts
Nest HQ: weird twitter makes me so happy
Brittney: everything 2 me
Nest HQ: like i feel ok about the world bc it exists
Nest HQ: and its like ty
Brittney: same
Brittney: yap
Brittney: totally
Nest HQ: dril
Brittney: so good


Nest HQ: any other favs?
Brittney: i just recently followed ladybroseph
Brittney: and fanofhell
Brittney: thehistoryofart
Brittney: those are all insane
Nest HQ: ok non edm q: best of emo/indie playlist
Brittney: mm
Brittney: i love mayday parade
Brittney: rocket to the moon
Brittney: all time low
Brittney: say anything
Brittney: this providence
Brittney: deathcab
Brittney: taking back sunday
Brittney: a day to remember
Nest HQ: dashboard duh
Brittney: ya duhh
Nest HQ: when did u get the idea to do avis 
Brittney: avis weren’t rly an idea. i drew myself n my friends for laughs then it picked up n ppl started asking for them
Brittney: so i opened up an email system for requests
Nest HQ: what have been some of ur favs
Brittney: i haven’t drawn ppl in a few months but ill start again soon
Brittney: i like all the ones in the beginning cos they were so shitty n didn’t look like the person. then it was crazy when i realized i could actually draw people and it look like them
Brittney: i like atraks
Brittney: umm
Brittney: nardwuar
Brittney: idk i like every1’s
Brittney: lol
Nest HQ: have u met nardwuar?
Brittney: no ugh i wish
Brittney: but when i’ve posted and tagged the avi of his he’s replied
Brittney: so tite
Nest HQ: he will interview u one day keep it up
Brittney: i can only hope
Nest HQ: any words for the kids struggling
Nest HQ: bscott inspiration
Brittney: dang
Brittney: hmm
Brittney: struggle sucks but its good
Brittney: god idk
Nest HQ: tite
Brittney: i hate to be generic but like “things get better”
Brittney: maybe
Nest HQ: ya idk just thinkin of a way to close out maybe too heavy
Brittney: lol
Brittney: “turn up”
Nest HQ: ahaha
Brittney: ya let’s go w that
Brittney: be nice, listen 2 edm, eat healthy and exercise
Nest HQ: *clapping emoji*
Brittney: *disco dancing guy emoji*
Nest HQ: thx for the chat b!
Brittney: ya thx uuuuuu
Brittney: flattered u reached out

Brittney Scott’s virtual art gallery will be live over the next month. Check it out here, along with her newly launched merch shop and the new playlist she’s put together below:

Spotify Playlist: Brittney Scott “B2B SKRILLEX”