This is our story...

In our latest NEST HQ documentary, we explore the ever-growing world of blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and its potential uses in the arts and entertainment space.

We follow Grammy-winning musician RAC as he releases his latest studio album, EGO, on the Ethereum network, visiting him in his studios in Portland, OR. We then venture to Brooklyn, NY to meet with Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin and Jesse Grushack of UJO Music, a blockchain music distribution start-up.

This documentary was designed to make technical concepts about blockchain easy to understand and accessible for those just getting into the space without sacrificing the necessary technical terms and language.

Give it a watch above, and get involved any way you can. Support UJO, RAC, and the future of blockchain in the music industry here.


Produced/Written/Directed by: Nathan Beer & Neal Rahman
Edited by: Will Lee
Filmed by: Ambrose Eng, Tyler Hansen & Will Anderson
Animated by: Andrew Steinitz
Music by: André Allen Anjos (RAC), sourced from EGO
Narrated by: Nathan Beer