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18-year-old producer and Canadian native, Luke Pretty aka Tennyson, has been an active music maker since 2012. His sound lives somewhere between the earthy, relaxed tones of a Boards of Canada and Album Leaf record met with the vibrant digital jazz of a Katamari Damacy soundtrack. Mixed within each of his track’s extra pleasant chord progressions you’ll often find hints of purring cats, ring tones, texting noises and nature sounds, as well as his sister Tess’ standout vocal accompaniment.

Following a pretty huge nod from fellow CanadianĀ Ryan Hemsworth, who launched his online imprintĀ Secret Songs with Tennyson’s “You’re Cute,” we get a preview of new single, “With You,” which is out now on iTunes and will also be available on 500 copy limited run 7inch.

Check the track, along with some of our other favorite Tennyson treats below, and if you dig, show him some love on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.

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