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It seems like we’ve been screaming about IGLOOGHOST for a good bit now, but until the kid hits a milli on every platform we’re just gonna keep screamin’. I first came across iggy through his Activia Benz released “Inca Cheekbones” single, and my eyes almost popped out my head when the track’s initial wall-of-bass hit my ears. There was so much going on. It felt like the audio counterpart to a thriving pastel jungle fever dream; with alien vocals climbing and jabbing upwards, shrill and buzzing harmonic synths bursting in the background, and xylophone notes flying left and right as booming low-end crashes forward. It was all gleefully apocalyptic. I was hooked, and everything IGLOOGHOST has released since then has been pretty iconic for a young DIY artist.

Shortly after his “Honey Soaker” collab with Toby Gale, which sounds like a midnight drift over a burning suburb, iggy announced he was signing with Brainfeeder and releasing a new EP titled CHINESE NÜ YR. The tracks that surfaced from that release, notably the spastic and dreamy “Xianjiao” and its stripped back and inquisitive counterpart, “Mametchi / Usohachi (feat. Mr. Yote)”, continued to define his playfully psychedelic and skillfully executed musical persona.

IGLOOGHOST is the closest thing we have to IDM in 2015, while shrugging off any expectations and stylistic limitations that usually come with thinky music. It’s just good ol’ fashion abstract fun.

Check our artist spotlight on IGLOOGHOST below and keep up with iggy on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter (especially Twitter).

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IGLOOGHOST’s CHINESE NÜ YR EP is out now on iTunes.

Words: Fan Fiction