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One of the more innovative release platforms out there right now is the NYC based hypermedia label, NHX. Earlier this year, the team launched with the release of Maxo’s Chordslayer EP, which they paired with an impressive visual component featuring Maxo’s blocky logo bouncing and shifting texture patterns as each chord progression displayed on the top right corner of the page. Their next release was with popcorn_10’s “Dennis”, which had various shapes playing around with each other in virtual, moving space alongside the track’s jazzy, blippy theme.

Today, NHX return with “ANARCHY”, an new one from an anonymous producer which lets you tap out bubbly primary colored anarchy symbols which mosh around and glitch inside a warping digital room. It’s the cutest dismissal of authority you’ll ever experience. Check the link below, grab some headphones and hit the full screen on your browser.