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In the most powerful way, Kill The Noise’s debut album, OCCULT CLASSIC, is a stunning feat eight years in the making. From start to finish, the album channels the accomplishments of KTN’s impressive career and fuses them with the challenges he’s set forth for himself and the future of his sound. From pure bass weight and snarling dubstep to industrial four-on-the-floor and obscure animal sounds, OCCULT CLASSIC is a journey through not only a multitude of genres but also the intriguing, creative mind of Jake Stanczak.

Today, we’re proud to announce the official remix LP, ALT CLASSIC, comprised of 15 reworks of the album’s contents from 15 artists including Getter, Ephwurd, Wuki, and Rickyxsan. Instead of just embedding and describing the music ourselves, we’ve asked each of the artists to impart a bit of insight on their particular offering. Without further ado, the remix artists of ALT CLASSIC:

Kill It 4 The Kids (Nom De Strip Remix)
Big big thank you to Kill The Noise for getting me involved in this project! It wasn’t easy choosing which song to remix, but I felt with “Kill It 4 The Kids” I could already imagine a version of it with a different kind of energy. I kinda knew roughly what I wanted to do with it, but having such quality remix parts to work with made it a lot easier to get started. I still have beautiful dreams about Jake’s snare drum. I wanted to make my favourite sound from the original, the sexy saw lead, more of a feature in my remix and used Steve Duda’s Serum synth to recreate it. The most time-consuming part of the remix was fitting the vocal to the new tempo. I could have been a lazy bastard and taken two seconds to time-stretch it, but instead, I lovingly chopped up and repositioned every single fucking syllable. Hope you like it! – Nom De Strip

Fuk Ur Mgmt (Snails Remix)
Kill The Noise has always been one of my biggest inspirations in music and when I heard “Fuk Ur MGMT” I loved it so much and wanted to put my own spin on it. Big ups Jake for letting me take it on! – Snails

Fuk Ur Mgmt (Wuki Remix)
I really jumped out of my comfort zone for this. I felt like it was really obvious to do a bass house remix of this song so I wanted to do something a little unexpected. Super stoked to get this out, it’s one of my favorite things I have done, for one of my favorite producers! – Wuki

I Do Coke (Ephwurd Remix)
We wanted to take this one up to our 128 style and bring in that breaks vibe. It was cool cause we started this for fun in the beginning just to play in our sets but then realized that we actually had a dope remix on our hands. We messed around with a lot of FM synthesis which is not our usual way of making sounds and the results were gnarly. The vocals on the original are still some the best ones we’ve heard all year. So funny and appropriate for this twisted industry. – Ephwurd

I Do Coke (Snort & Leisure Remix)
Many already know, Feed Me and I have been working on music together for close to 10 years at this point. On his last US tour, he came to town so we could record the “I DO COKE” music video with director Brandon Dermer. In the spirit of making even more content for the “I Do Coke” universe, we stayed up late for a few nights and put this together. This remix was something we started for fun under a separate alias; the Snort & Leisure name was something Jon came up with and it instantly stuck. Who knows, you may hear more stuff from us under this project name in the future. And don’t forget to check out the Snort & Leisure x 1992 collaboration jersey here. – Kill The Noise

Mine (Getter Remix)
While I was on tour with Jake, I asked him if I could remix this song. It’s my favorite one from him in a while. I really wanted my remix to stand out and really flip it on its end. Super fun and one of my fav remixes I’ve done in a while. – Getter

Without A Trace (Kill The Noise & Virtual Riot Remix)
Doing the remix with Jake was huge fun. I would come over to his house a few days in a row, pet his cats and work on the remix with him. I started it off with an idea on my laptop, then we moved the project over onto his NASA-grade Mac and continued there. Jake has a great workflow and together we worked really dynamic and efficient, bouncing around a lot of different ideas for sounds and patterns but also keeping each other from overthinking it. – Virtual Riot

The stuff Virtual Riot has been doing is really inspiring to me, from the music he makes to the online tutorials he’s done, and all the sample packs he’s released that, at this point, have found a place in so many artists’ songs. I ran into Valentin at HARD Day of The Dead, he was visiting LA and mentioned to me that he would be back in town for a while hanging. So we made some plans to mess around in the studio, no huge expectations or anything, but an opportunity to mess around with some beats! I think that our personalities and our curiosity for each other’s process made all of this a really natural feeling collaboration. We spent a lot of time working but we also ended up taking breaks here and there to show each other techniques, listen to music, etc. It really was a perfect example of the way I love to work on collaborative projects and am really proud of what we came up with for this! – Kill The Noise

Without A Trace (Loudpvck Remix)
OCCULT CLASSIC had so many insane tracks on it. Our goal was to pick a song to remix that most people wouldn’t expect us to flip. “Without A Trace” was such a powerful moment on the album, we did our best to flip it on its head and add as much energy as possible. It’s been going CRAZY to open our shows!! – Loudpvck

Lose Ya Love (Busted by Herobust)
Kill The Noise has been one of my favorite producers for a while, so this was really exciting for me. I chose “Lose Ya Love” because I just loved the sample in it. The contrast between modern bass music sounds and that of old organic samples like this one really makes for a special tune. – Herobust

Dolphin On Wheels (Moksi Remix)
This remix came about when Jake (KTN) reached out thru Twitter DM in support of our music. That same day he asked us to work on a remix for him. No doubt in our minds. We got the stems for the Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis song and extracted some dolphins and some other marine mammals from the package. We really enjoyed working on this remix. It was a very smooth process because we instantly knew what way to go with it. It was one of the most fun projects we worked on recently. A special thanks to Jake, Dillon, and the OWSLA team for this opportunity. – Moksi

Dolphin On Wheels (Rickyxsan Remix)
Dolphins trappin’ on wheels doin’ trap fins. Bet ya Ariel is somewhere unda da sea twerkin’ to this with her homekrills. – Rickyxsan

Louder (Twine Remix)
When I approached this remix, I was confident that “Louder” could be transformed into a 150 hybrid trap tune. I just naturally heard it in my head ever since I listened to the original. The vocals especially would serve great as an integral piece to the puzzle. On the other hand, to try and top Jake’s sound design was daunting at first, but we all have our defining sounds and I tried to portray mine to the best of my ability in this remix. Extremely grateful for him to give me the opportunity! – Twine

Spitfire Riddim (Boombox Cartel Remix)
We knew that Jake has a soft spot for rock and metal, so we decided we wanted to hit him right in the feels on this one. At first, we sampled a guitar we found online and then, later on, had our good friend Sullivan King record a similar but better version of the guitar and bass tracks we had sampled. We wrote that very sort of ethereal intro, programmed the live drums and after we had the metal section with the screams and a full song structure we decided to focus on the drops. We made about 3-4 completely different versions of the drop and decided that this version was the best and the most fitting one. It was a lot of fun to make something so organic and at the same time so different than what you’d usually hear from us! – Boombox Cartel

All In My Head (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix)
Yo we’ve been a fan of Kill the noise for a bit so we were well chuffed when he messages out of the blue like ‘Hey, I love your Sad Machine remix, do you want to remix something for me?’ It wasn’t a challenge so much, more of an exciting opportunity. You know we heard the original and thought ‘This is a great way to end an album, let’s make our remix a great way to end a set, nah lets make our remix a great way to end a fucking night!!!! – Gammer

All In My Head (Team Ezy Remix)
I have always loved Jake’s production and am honored to be a part of this remix LP. After getting the stems and going through all the parts i decided i wanted to make something fun and easy for DJs to play out. AWOLNATION did such an amazing job with the vocals that i wanted to make sure they shined through. The original had this victorious feeling and I tried to incorporate that into the drop. This is my first official remix and i couldn’t be more excited for you guys to hear it! – Team EZY

You can catch Kill The Noise on tour this summer with some of the ALT CLASSIC‘s remixers. Find more of KTN on SoundCloud and Twitter. Grab the album in full via iTunes and Spotify now.