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  • The new Aeropolis EP minimix from French duo BeatauCue sounds like a night out in Neo Tokyo as futuristic basslines rapidly arpeggiate with laser-focused precision in the opening… Read More

  • “I met this kid inside urban outfitters when he was 15,” says Diplo in the intro to Jordan “Swizzymack” Safford’s Diplo & Friends Mix. “He was making… Read More

  • This year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas was a marathon. Now dubbed EDC Week, the festival producers and club owners created an atmosphere on and off the bustling strip for… Read More

  • In a serious power move, Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis of Foreign Beggars have teamed up with Dutch trio, Noisia, for the supergroup project, I Am Legion, which will see a long-awaited… Read More

  • Drake‘s latest single, “The Motion” recently surfaced on his octobersveryown soundcloud page as a free download and features vocals from longtime SBTRKT collaborator… Read More